‘Recruit’ your next employer - direct

This part of the website is for you – you will be able to:

  • Save job searches and re-run them
  • Set up jobs by email alerts
  • Update your personal profile and upload your CV
  • Review your job applications
  • Change your login details and account preferences

Finding the right job is always a challenge, you are often one step removed from the employer and may not have seen a job description, a person specification (a description of the ideal candidate) and only have a hazy idea of whether the role is right for you – or whether you’re a good match for them.

Many candidates see the process of job-hunting as ‘finding a company that wants to employ me’.  However, it’s as much about finding a company that you want to work for – the recruitment process is a two way street.

When the employer is able to post the detail of the role themselves – without it being rewritten by an recruiter, or edited dramatically to fit into a media ad – you’ve a much better chance of really understanding what they are looking for.

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