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   ... a powerful alternative to traditional recruitment agencies.


  • Search Skillsdirect for your ideal jobs and apply direct to your selected employers.
  • Upload your CV / Resume to get an email alert when suitable jobs are uploaded.


  • Upload your jobs so that interested Individuals can view and apply direct to you.
  • Your job details are also emailed to suitable Individuals and posted on top job boards to guarantee results.

Welcome to Skillsdirect

  • Our vision is to be the leading source of skills worldwide.
  • Our mission is delivering the right skills direct to employers.

No recruiters, no fake jobs, no distortion, no agency fees – just real employers and real people finding the best possible match. This results in employers saving huge recruitment fees in skills acquisition as well as improving the quality of skills received.

Whether you’re searching for a new job or looking for the ideal applicant you might imagine that there is always a ‘filter’ between the applicant and the employer. This may be a newspaper advertisement, an agency or a recruiter – it’s rare for the applicant and the employer to have a direct connection.

It’s even more unusual to let employees choose the job they think is the best fit for them, without having to jump through the hoops that recruiters put in the way. Skillsdirect changes all that! You will find:

  • Only genuine employers vacancies - direct from employers
  • Only genuine CV Resumes - direct from Individuals
  • No job tailored misleading adapted CV Resumes
  • No generic, hyped-up, or fake jobs
  • No specially written, sanitised job descriptions
  • No agencies

Employers are committed to a direct interface with potential candidates – and this means that the details of the role are the employer’s own viewpoint.

If this appeals to you – take the first step to talking directly to companies who are looking for people just like you!

And if you’re an employer and you like the idea of contacting your talent directly, please drop us an email to find out how you can cut out the middleman and the huge fees for advertising and agency services.

Skillsdirect is enabling proactive Individuals with the right skills to apply direct to Employers without the need, expense and delay of using recruiters. Individuals applying direct have major advantages - there is no need to keep CV's updated to thousands of recruiters or their jobboards to avoid the risk of missing the ideal job or not being found due to an incorrect word search or a bad match by inexperienced recruiters. Worse still recruiters will not release CV contact details to Employers unless they agree to pay huge recruitment fees.

Most Employers prefer to recruit direct to get the right skills instead of wasting time and money trawling through 'tailored' and badly matched agency CV's. Ensure your latest CV Resume is on Skillsdirect and get an email alert when your ideal job is uploaded direct by an Employer.

Skillsdirect is always completely free to Individuals and Employers pay from only £10 a month to advertise their skills requirements.

Industry and Professional Connections

Skillsdirect was developed because employers often complained that agencies rarely got it right, their media ads weren’t getting the right candidate and head hunters were expensive and, often, took too far long. 

As an employer it seemed that short lists are compiled of ‘not-quite-good-enough’ people, most recruiter contracted staff cost the earth due to their excessive profits and media advertising never really provides enough cost-effective space to give the details needed.

“We kept seeing employers paying large amounts of money for people who were not really what they were hoping for,” explains Jim Hurson, who was an employer himself, as well as working with a wide range of industries in a consultancy role.  “We read about exploitation of contract workers – and employers – by the agencies and decided it was time to take action.”

Jim and other employers with whom he worked were conscious that the right people are critical to the success of any organisation.  After some discussion with various clients, it was apparent that, if there was a direct route that took less effort and allowed them to talk directly to the candidates, they would be very interested!. The result was Skillsdirect

Discussion with potential candidates established that, with enough information, they were much more likely to only select those roles that they felt they matched well (unlike the small amount of information a media ad allows).

“Skillsdirect is the new way to recruit – no agencies, no recruiters, no middlemen, no fees – just the employer and the candidate finding a good fit,” says Jim.